With the launch of USL Academy, United Soccer League now has an elite youth platform to offer to its clubs in the Championship, League One and League Two.

As such, these clubs can now develop a more clearly defined path for top youth prospects in their area to reach the professional level and sign directly with their senior team while improving local quality and community.

The USL Academy brand is composed of four key components: Standards, USL Academy Contracts, USL Academy Cup and USL Academy League.


Who: U16-U19 Boys (year of birth: 2007, 2006, 2005, and 2004) interested in playing for our USL Academy team

When: Sunday May 15th and 22nd, 6-8 pm. Check-in at 5:30 pm

Where: Great Crossing Sports Complex, Scott County, KY

The USL Academy is the pre-professional platform used to reward and further develop players who have shown success within their respective club teams (at the age group level). In our inaugural season starting in Fall 2022, the USL Academy league will be for the U16-U19 age group of male players. Players will still be able to play for their respective high school teams.


Learn more about our "club & country" model approach to the USL Academy

USL Academy League



The purpose of the USL Academy Standards is to create optimal player development environments and provide local youth prospects the best chance of reaching the professional level, all league-approved USL Academy programs will be required to meet a set of minimum standards across a series of categories listed out in this document. By developing these standards, USLHQ aims to pursue the following key goals:

Build Pathways: Establish as many youth to pro player development pathways, linking elite youth organizations with USL Senior Teams in Championship, League One, & League Two.

Produce Players: Increase the number & quality of locally produced talents for USL Senior Teams, while striving to develop world-class players able to compete at the highest level.

Drive Return on Investment: Provide USL ownership groups an efficient player development model for their Senior Teams, while increasing the likelihood of a return on that investment.

Improve Quality: Improve the standard of long-term player development programs across the United States, positively impacting every aspect of those environments & pathways.