Tower Hill Sports is a soccer-first, all in one entertainment facility. We are intently focused on each athlete and the transformation they begin once they enter our facilities. These state-of-the-art facilities are host to personalized one-on-one and team trainings, field rentals, youth and adult leagues, and elite camps.

While the players play, so do the parents. Our Tower Hill Sports locations offer fully stocked snack bar, bottled beverages, beer and wine, large TV's, lounge areas, and surround sound speakers – all to accommodate those long soccer days. Are you ready to be part of this elite soccer experience? 

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The Blake James location has a regulation size soccer field. We have the ability to divide the full-field into three different sizes and up to four fields. Whether you're looking for full field, half field, or quarter field, we gotcha covered!

Cleats ARE permitted on this surface.

Field Size
226' x 96'

3025 Blake James Drive
Lexington, KY 40509

Our facility at Blake James is one of very few facilities in the region that provides three different field layouts alongside three TOCA training studios.

TOCA is a personalized training experience for players of any age at any level. It includes one-on-one sessions with a player and TOCA trainer who will cater the session to the players' needs. The program is customized based on players' strengths and weaknesses, so the player can learn and grow in a mistake-friendly environment. TOCA training uses a smaller ball to help players learn control, and it focuses on game-like scenarios, but with low pressure, so players can learn how to handle these situations without panicking. That way, when that scenario rises in a game, the player will know how to handle it.

TOCA training studios are indoor shoes ONLY.

Sporting Court fields are for indoor shoes ONLY. Cleats are not permitted at this facility.

Field Size
185' x 85'


404 Sporting Court
Lexington, KY 40503